Adrian Mendizabal

In a period of 6 hours, Lav Diaz gives us an unrelenting epic view of cinema from its conception to its birth. To give birth to a new cinema, one has to break old traditions, ‘the cult’ which has deluded the minds of its followers with ‘closed view’ of the world. One has to ‘rape’ these monolithic traditions and impregnate it with THE TRUTH and REALITY about the world in order for a new cinema to begin.


The film centers on Homer, a filmmaker having a developmental crisis with his film Babae ng Hangin. He encounters basic questions from this struggle in making his film. Questions like ‘What is Cinema?’, ‘What is the role of an artist, of a filmmaker?’ reverberated throughout the film as if it was Lav Diaz speaking to us. Through these questions we reflect as viewers what cinema is all about. The downfall of the virgin and her giving birth to a child is the ‘birthing’ of new cinema itself. Homer, being the only witness to this, finally resolves within him the questions that bothers him in a long time. We’re never sure of what answers we might get, but surely Homer was happy about it. Move over, Tree of Life, this is my TOP FILM of the YEAR SO FAR!